Cloud comforter

Our task was to design the most environmentally sustainable comforter while maintaining a luxurious softness and silky texture.

We worked on an exciting project in the bedding industry. In just short 6 months we went from an idea to a finished prototype that was ready for mass production.

We started out by trying out the fluffiest and softest comforters (according to customers' reviews) we could find, so we could have an idea of how soft and fluffy they could actually be.

One of the manufacturers that already produced a number of bedding products for our clients in the past has agreed to help us with this complicated yet exciting project. The manufacturer has all required certifications to ensure the safety of their products and good working conditions (including ISO and OEKO-TEX).

Just like silk, but better

Our next step was to decide on the materials we could use. We needed to give the comforter a nice silky feeling when you touch it - the feeling just like the actual silk has but without using the actual silk. It became obvious to us that there’s no better alternative than Tencel.

Tencel, which at higher thread counts has an amazingly soft, smooth, and cooling texture - just like the silk does. Tencel is made with wood pulp, is 100% cruelty-free, and takes a fraction of the water to produce it compared to what cotton does.

It was tricky to find a good filling for the comforter that at the same time is A) Super fluffy, B) 100% vegan, and C) Can be washed in the washing machine without getting crumbled inside. We decided to try to use Tencel as a fill too – not a very popular choice nowadays, primarily due to the much higher cost compared to conventional polyester.

We quickly learned that Tencel by itself wasn’t giving us enough of the fluffy filling that we were after, so we mixed it with just a bit of recycled polyester fill, and boom –– this comforter has literally become the softest and the fluffiest thing we’ve ever touched –– all made with sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free materials. 
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